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Prepare Certified Mail in 30 Seconds

Delivery verification

Online tracking capabilities and email notifications for delivery and signature availability

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Fully automated, web-based solution for processing Certified Mail from the desktop

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Access to your live data anywhere at anytime 24/7/365

"I could never go back to filling out all of my Certified Mail by hand."

Delores (Dee) Bryan, Energy Transfer
"Every company that sends Certified Mail needs to be using WALZ software and Certified Mailer forms/envelopes to maximize productivity and minimize costs. Best of all, there are never any hidden fees with WALZ, and they offer top-notch support and responsive customer service."

Richard, Galleria Law Firm


We know that everyone who sends Certified Mail has a unique set of requirements, capabilities and deadlines, so we have designed CertifiedPro.net as your full-cycle Certified Mail management system to meet your individual needs.

CertifiedPro.net allows:

  • Certified Mail prepared in 30 seconds

  • Single and multiple mail transactions

  • Unlimited number of complimentary user accounts with secure logins

  • Administrator accounts to monitor and report activity

With a registered CertifiedPro.net account, users gain immediate access to the many features and benefits including:

Return Receipt
Green Card & Electronic

Tracking &
Reporting Features

Administrator & User Profiles

Features & Benefits

Batch Processing

Create up to 1,000 transactions at one time.

Alerts & Notifications

Delivery Confirmation via Email Notification

History & Retrieval

Easily Access Transaction Records for 7 years

Address Validation & Verification

Optional CASS Address Verification Service

Advanced Search & Tracking

Advanced Options for Certified Mail Tracking

Integrated Address Book

Store Recipient Mailing Information for later usage

Custom Reporting

Customized Mail Tracking Reports On Demand

User Management

Group Administrator Profiles

CertifiedPro.net - a better, faster, easier way!

Ready to leave the manual processing of Certified Mail behind and move forward to a faster, more efficient tool to manage your critical communication? Registration is FREE and allows immediate access to the benefits and features of WALZ CertifiedPro.net.

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